BRAVE Girls Project

BRAVE empowers girls through travel and adventure to become leaders and advocates for themselves, their communities, and the environment. 


The BRAVE SA-US Girls Rights Road Trip is a joint partnership between the U.S. Consulate Cape Town and BRAVE, a South African non-profit organization that inspires and invests in girl leaders, to bring together high school-aged girl activists from both countries for a two-way road trip exchange program taking South African girls to the U.S. and American girls to South Africa. The program will focus on youth activism with a view toward combating gender-based and gun violence and HIV/AIDS rates among youth of color in both countries as well as inspiring increased civic engagement and political participation by girls.


Timeline in the US: 


29 September  Nashville, Tennessee

30 September-2 October Montgomery and Selma, Alabama

2 October  Oxford, Mississippi

3-4 October  Nashville, Tennessee

5-7 October New York City


6 October is a day-long BRAVE Girl Festival hosted in partnership with NYC girl-led organizations. Contact BRAVE for more info.



About BRAVE 

BRAVE inspires and invests in girl leaders across the African continent. We create opportunities for girls, and work with those who can provide the resources, knowledge, experience, and safety that girls need to lead. We are girl-led, and use the challenge of travel and adventure to empower girls from underserved communities to tell their own stories, acquire critical skills, and build networks to assist with education, health care, economic empowerment and safety. BRAVE uses an innovative, unconventional approach, training girls from urban and rural areas to become advocates for themselves, then taking them on road trips across their own countries, and beyond, to advocate for others. 

BRAVE was founded by a group of ten year old girls from Manenberg, South Africa, in 2010 who wanted to make their school safer - and who call themselves Rock Girls after the anti-apartheid slogan used by women, “When you strike a woman, you strike a rock.” Since then BRAVE has reached over 500 girls through its after school, weekend, and holiday programmes and camps, creating safe spaces for girls, engaging them in conversations involving critical issues impacting youth and exposing them to opportunities to improve critical thinking skills, build camaraderie and gain the confidence to become resilient, engaged, informed citizens. BRAVE works closely with the art and design and travel industries to find alternative, sustainable ways to continue their work, and to raise awareness in innovative, provocative ways, including the installation of 58 public Safe Space benches around Cape Town to raise awareness about violence against girls and women. In some communities, 1 in 5 girls under the age of 18 have been a victim of sexual violence. 


Since 2015, BRAVE Rock Girls have traveled thousands of kilometres across South Africa on annual road trips throughout South Africa to interview, record, and give voice to the plight of South African girls, including the high rates of South African girls who are victims of gender-based violence and growing rates of exposure to HIV. Over 80% of the girls who participated in previous road trips have personally experienced gender-based violence, even they were not selected for this reason. BRAVE has partnered with Tswalu, Singita, San Parks, Cape Nature, Protea Hotels and many others to host the girls on the Road Trips and is currently planning a Road Trip to Kenya in 2019. 

For more info, contact India Baird on or +27 82 734 4569. 
Instagram: @braverockgirl @instaBRAVE2018 @100girls4mandela 
Twitter: #rockgirlexplore